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Monthly Advanced Self Care News-Body Tension

Figured out the mathematics, semantic logic and biochemistry behind optimizing the Rheostatic, Orthostatic and Hydrostatic function of the brain and body to restore body wide active transport mechanisms and effector membrane electrophoretic potential differential function which then can support lifelong optimal biokinetic function which is critical to both life quality and longevity. This involves optimization of Wake Neurons in the brain stem with the entire central nervous system and it creates the basic visceral state of being alive. Many people have severely reduced functionality in the neurological system leading to body wide tension, chronic fatigue, postural hypotension, motor ataxic disorders, brain fatigue and excessive compensation of the HPA axis and excess cortisol levels. The imbalance in the HPA axis can never be fully resolved until the ROH system is restored to dynamic homeostasis.

Body tension especially chronic neck tension is almost considered so normal an occurrence as a result of living everyday life, seldom does anyone really treat it other than symptomatically. On a neurological level it is the result of a significant signaling breakdown in the brain stem that affects the coordination of the muscle effector membranes which control the muscles that act as gymballing systems like the hips, mid back, neck and upper back and the vestibular systems of the brain which includes the auditory and visual processing systems which allows for complex body segmentalized movement, balance and transverse force impact reduction through the MVCAS connective tissue. Constant under regulation by the wake neurons in the brain stem lead to an under provision and regulation of neurological flow to the upper torso resulting in over simplified and stratified biokinetics of the upper body resulting in stiffness, tension and pain. As helpful as body work is it will never solve the underlying neurological biokinetic issue of poor communication and regulation by wake neurons that interfere with connective tissue tension strength and flexibility which provide suppleness to muscles. Cervical injuries and vertebral subluxation can exacerbate the condition but even most adjustments are not permanent as the wake neuron system is not set back to its resting state dynamics. Nutraceuticals like Lavela WS 1265 are invaluable to this resolution of this process. This condition does not just create pain and tension but reduces neurological flow through out the entire body. This kind of composition and functional fixation is the result on a psychodynamic level from constant life apprehension which then blocks the throat chakra and personal expression and often impacts thyroid function as that person fears expressing their frustration with the demoralizing conditions of their lives. Frustration is an actual excitotoxin which over time can cause glutamate burnout of neurons and eventual neuron destruction as in the case of the dopamine producing cells of the substantial nigra that is part of the process by which Parkinsons disease originates. I work extensively with people on this Apprehension and Tension functional conjunction on a neurological and biological level.

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