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Our Problems of Today were the Solutions of The Past!


Who Am I?


I have been in practice in the fields of nutritional biochemistry and neuroscience by myself and with medical doctors and alternative practitioners for 30 years. I have had the privilege and joy of working with the top people in many fields including medicine, natural health, mathematics, computers, engineering, mass communication, neuroscience, cognitive science, accelerated learning, psychology, sociology, ontology and human potential realization. I have learned that the quality of one's life is intimately tied to the competency of one's mentors.


Everybody's life challenges have become so complex and interdependent that every person needs mentors and practitioners who have multi-disciplinary training and experience and a multi-dimensional approach. Life is just getting more complex daily so we must develop challenge resolution strategies that work at even more fundamental levels than ever before to create satisfying outcomes and high levels of positive life quality permanence. Our capacities must exceed our demands to be and stay functional.



What Do I Do?


I bring together 4 decades of education, training and extensive clinical/professional expertise in:


NeuroLinguistics & Computational Semantics

Accelerated Learning & Temperament Evaluation

Applied and Actuarial Mathematics

Engineering and Logic Systems Design

Organizational Development and Communication

Solution/Optimization Theory and Outcome Design

Food, Nutritional, and Metabolic Chemistry

Clinical Ecology and Environmental Science

Nutraceutical Product Design and Program Development/Implementation

Kinesiology/Tensiometrics & Polyvagal Theory

Biometric Testing Design and Application  


I help people and organizations overcome with great efficiency their multidimensional personal and professional life challenges. Every person can now achieve optimal visceral, logical and logistical outcome creation in every area of life so they can reprogram their minds, regenerate their bodies, rejuvenate their spirits and reinvent their lives rapidly and joyfully.



"Andrew is the most thorough practitioner I have come to know. His in depth knowledge and understanding for what is does is extraordinary. His creative insights are astounding and thought provoking. He knows what he is about and what he can do for his clients. Since I have been a client of Andrew’s he has helped me immeasurably to engage in a healing process that is proving results in as little as a week’s time. I am amazed by his work and highly recommend him."

Dr. Steve V., DC


"I have worked with Andy Lennertz in just about every area of my life and have seen significant and often time miraculous improvement in both my internal perceptions and behaviors and what I manifest in the world. As a metabolic practitioner he has helped me overcome some serious medical problems for which I could find no help for including some serious liver conditions which are now completely resolved. As a NLP practitioner and life coach he has helped me overcome many self limiting beliefs about myself and what I deserve and can create in life. He helped me overcome many challenges stemming from childhood neglect and lack of education. Using his knowledge of me, how my mind works and what I have dreamt about doing he steered me into the education and career of my dreams as a videographer and producer which has brought me great joy, career success and immense pride in myself."  

                                                              Kathy D

"If you want to take your business and personal life to the next level, Andy Lennertz certainly can help you do it. I was very lucky to have met Andy. When we met everything in my life was going well, but I knew it could be alot better. After speaking with Andy many times during a several month period, I began to get it. That is to say, I began to understand life on higher level. I began to get life both on a personal level and on a business level. These talks took place almost ten years ago and since then, I have completed my Masters degree, built two houses in the Bahamas, started two very successful businesses, I was nominated Chairman of an important advisory committee for our city which advises the mayor and council members, and I am about to get married to the most beautiful woman in the world and the love of my life".

Jim F.

"I started working with Andy in 2002. With his wisdom and guidance I came to choose new paths in my life. I am healthier in all aspects. I don't think I would be where I am now if both he and I didn't invest the time, energy and compassion in me. He definitely helped me metabolically which I really needed more than I was aware. Just as important was Andy teaching and leading me through NLP practices that I still use today. The work we did together revealed whole new worlds. It is a partnership though, in which I had to invest in and work hard myself. My outlook and approach to life went with my body functioning better. Without this significant relationship and work with Andy, I know that I would not be where I am. It was and still is a journey today to always do my best and be impeccable with my word." 

Carlin M.


"My 'self-work' with Andy was about a decade ago, after a difficult change of employment and other life challenges. Talking with Andy and the techniques he has developed helped me get clarity, shed the baggage, self-recrimination and fear to move forward in my life. He is brilliant in his field and has developed techniques that have become useful tools, like the 'swish technique' that I use to this day, when facing challenges and perceived obstacles to my evolution and joy. Highly recommend if you really want to move beyond your stuff and achieve your dreams and goals."

                                                          Cynthia P.       

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