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Taking Advantage of the Latest Advancements in Neuroscience and Biochemistry to Reverse the Progression of Neurodegeneration and Cognitive Loss! Nothing is More Important to Your Long Term Quality of Life Than Optimal Cognitive Function. 

Whether your focus is cognitive decline prevention or recuperation or improving cognitive function to the highest level to achieve greater life goals, my NTPR (Neuron Transmission, Protection and Regeneration) Program is a nutraceutical based protocol which can be customized to any person's cognitive challenges and pocketbook.

There Really is No Time Like the Present to Engage in a Process of Effective Biokinetic Potential Realization. You Can Start Experiencing Optimal Levels of Rigor and Vigor Sooner Than You Think!

There is a Customized Neurological and Metabolic

Program to Fit Your Individual Needs!

  I Provide Clients with Sophisticated and Integrated Self Care Regimens that are Optimal Metabolic and Neurological Functionality Outcome Centric To Their Exact Personal Needs! Whatever Your Success Criteria for an Optimal Life is Get the Tools and Support Needed Now!



Whether Your Athletic Activity is More Endurance, Strength or Agility Oriented, the Body uses the same Metabolic Pathway Chaining of the Nutrient Pool to Body Composition Integrity and Energy, Anabolic, and Catabolic Intermediate Metabolite Biosynthesis and Utilization Efficiency.  Optimization of the Rate Limiting Steps in these Metabolisms is critical to Musculoskeletal Productivity and Optimal Biokinetic Capacity which is needed for Exceptional  Performance, Recovery and Functionalty Gains!

Too Many Problems to Solve? Stressed? Burnt Out? Go From Frantic To Fantastic. Brain Training is the Key!


is the #1 Quality of Life Complaint!

Most People are with No End in Sight to this Dilemma. Become A PEACEFUL ALIVENESS BASED WHOLE BRAIN SOLUTION CREATOR INSTEAD A HARRIED COMPULSIVE ANALYTIC BRAIN ONLY PROBLEM SOLVER! The strain you experience from the stress you are under is because stress occurs when You are Responsible for an Outcome but You have Little Control over the Process. In our modern high-tech rapid-fire decision-making world, gaining knowledge and operative mastery to be effective at handling complex challenges is our greatest life urgency and expediency challenge. We can have greater control over any learning process which will enable us to adapt and create more efficiently and joyfully. Learn how to prepare your mind optimally for complex problem-solving challenges by. People don't operate better under stress. That is a fallacy. Chronic health destroying increased cortisol levels, neuroendocrine imbalance, fatigue, tension and chronic complaints tell a completely different story. We work better with positive outcomes to work towards with efficient strategies of manifestation.

Use Brain Training to:

1. Scale your brain logic and chemistry to the right level needed to achieve the scope of influence desired

2. Get improved understanding as to the feasibility of any approach before committing scarce resources and

3. Define better outcomes and develop and use the best resource utilization strategies.

4. Learn to differentiate between a strategy which is an old monodimensional limited scope negative outcome avoidance one or a multidimensional highly applicable positive outcome creation one.

5. Learn how to determine which variables in your strategy are low relevance and hard to manage ones and which are the high relevance easy to manage ones. 

Get Ready for Winter! 

Staying Active as Much as Possible 

All Year Long is an Important Health Priority. Mobility Challenges are The Most Common Ailments for People Over 50 In Terms of Life Qualtiy Impact!

Whether Your Passion is Solitary Immersion into the Great Outdoors or Daily Excursions into your Local Nature Areas, you will need energy, strength, stamina, and excellent musculoskeletal and viscoelastic structure and function to make the most of your experience and achieve the highest possible wellness  benefits and personal gains. 

The Rate of Deterioration of Complex Protein Structures that make up the fibrils, tubules, and vesicles in every membrane and organ of our bodies such as the GAG molecules that form the interstitial tissues that make up our connective tissue and provide viscoelastic function increases with age causing radical destructive shifts in cellular domain population dominance from new healthy inflammation resistant cells to aging unhealthy inflammation prone cells. It is not good enough to take anti-inflammatory drugs or supplements and collagen supplements to restore significantly deteriorated tissue that affects musculoskeletal functionality and mobility. To do the kind of cellular remodeling and ongoing maintenance required for total recuperation from connective tissue disease or trauma and maintain healthy connective tissue later in life, you need a complete system of integrated optimal nutrient biomass provision and regulation that works on the metabolic organ biosynthesis and site-specific progenitor cell membrane post-translational modification level and progressive force loading/membrane electrophoretic energy induction.



We Live in the Modern Age of Constant Change, Radical Transformation and Hyperbolic Expectations all of which are putting unprecedented demands on our bodies, minds, and spirits especially if you are an entrepreneur. Whether you love your job or occupation or not, it is even more important nowadays to develop clear boundaries between our personal and professional lives. Most people's lives are structured in such a way that there is little wiggle room in terms of surplus time, energy, consciousness or money for other activities other than our day to day responsibilities regardless of how important that may be to total life satisfaction and self-sustainability. That is an error of omission we can not continue to commit without negative long-term consequences. Rome was not built in a day and what it takes in terms of commitment to real self-care and expression is not a one-time decision but an ongoing transitive relationship with a process of passion to conviction to commitment starting with small successes and building on that axiomatically and progressively. Your body is not an app you can turn on or off at will. It needs to be trained. It is a creature of habit and will adapt to the structural tension you provide in terms of active engagement and frequent involvement. Active Recreation and Exertion is not a distraction from real life but an essential complimentary part of it and is just as important as diet and should be considered a cost of doing business. Will power is not good enough. People need effective strategies. The fitness movement has not reaped the benefits expected because people will eventually stop making time for it when other short term urgencies displace it. It needs to be deeply satisfying and not just for the reasons of being healthy or looking  attractive!  

From Powerless and Ashamed to Powerful and Proud


Weight Loss programs are inherently flawed because they don't sufficiently create optimal body composition and structure which can support optimal musculoskeletal symmetry and efficient cellular functionality. Drugs, willpower, conscious manipulation, self-shaming, and abstinence are either destructive or unsustainable approaches. Only an integrated program of personalized biological provision and neurological regulation can create lasting desirable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes that will support optimal body imagery and composition. 

Obesity is not caused by Overeating on a Biochemical level. It is a symptom, not a cause. The cause is under nutrification. Obese people are not getting enough micronutrients compared to their macronutrient intake and their numerous metabolic functions which control appetite, basal metabolism, cell oxidation rates, potential energy to kinetic energy conversion, gene activation, healthy body composition anabolism and unhealthy body composition catabolism, and cellular pluripotency are being disrupted by the deficiencies in nutrient intake and utilization causing numerous metabolic inefficiencies. This is a very common condition in modern humans which is why obesity is the most prevalent human morbidity state. There are many types of challenging life dynamics that contribute to this poor body composition state for which overeating is a preconditioned evolutionary response to a variety of life threats which cannot  be controlled with willpower, deprivation and extreme manipulation of isolated metabolic function to force the body to lose weight at the cost of other metabolic functionality which is essential to wellbeing. There will always be a rebound effect from these kinds of unbalanced and incomplete approaches. It is time to "Get Back To Basics" and introduce a state of constitutional fitness from a comprehensive metabolic efficiency perspective so people can overcome the metabolic challenges that perpetuate overweight people being in a vicious cycle of weight accumulation and across the board increases in morbidity.

Tired, Weak and Toxic Rut 

Alive, Strong and Clean Reset

A very valid argument can be made asserting that the primary reason why people are so toxic and tired in life is because of all the environmental and dietary toxins we are exposed to even when we are doing our due diligence best to avoid them because they are so obsequious. But exposure is only half of the problem, susceptibility to adverse reactions is the other.  And that is not just a biochemical conversation about over reactive immune systems and allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolic inefficiencies. It is also fundamentally caused by our core misguided self-agency relationship with our bodies. Most people are over-stressing their bodies and exhausting biological resources at high rates and inducing conditions within our neuroendocrine system called hypervigilance states because we assume it is acceptable to force our bodies to do what we want without supporting our bodies in doing what it needs first. If we support the restorative properties and capacities of our bodies, then our bodies will provide back to us the energy and capacity to do what we enjoy with our bodies. For most people, it is as simple as supporting primary metabolic and core constitutional functionality in the body to start seeing significant improvements rapidly in how they function and feel.

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