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Due Diligence Is Critical to Success...

So Get Informed!


Is it permanent?

Permanence is based on many interdepedent factors on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritial level. The only way for any capacity or functionality to have sustainable permanence is that it is first created on a neurological level because neurology controls and regulates all function of and creation by self. Nothing is absolutely permanent. A more useful narrative is ease of sustainability using reasonable methods and exertion. Using that definition, this is as permanent as anything can be. 


How will I know it is working?

Everybody's experience is different because of many factors depending on what their challenges are and whether they are doing both neurological and metabolic optimization simultaneously. They are the flip side of the material and immaterial world. People will notice some very important changes on a psychometric, biometric, sensiometric and tensiometric level immediately. It takes time to overcome any challenge because every challenge took time to develop. But my clients report immediate improvement in function and progressive improvement over time on many levels until complete resolution of challenges.


How long does it take?

Again that is a very subjective question. Many factors will determine that including age, state of health, knowledge base, willingness, and degree of challenge which will all be covered in the initial free consult so people can have reasonable expectations about the efficacy of any procress they engage. Anybody who promises over night cures to long standing challenges have only treated symptomatic challenges and not fundamental dysfunction.


What can I do to improve results?

Simply follow the process that I have outlined for you based on your needs and wants because I have made this a process a layperson can use on their own thereby reducing practitioner dependency and increasing self reliance. No longer does the client have to wait for the next session to make improvement. This is a functional recovery and challenge resolution system that is a self inquiry mediated learning system based on Socratic teaching methodology which people are very familiar with that utilizes a person's complete mechanistic and metaphorical observation, interpretation and actuation intelligence capacity and they are given homework with each session to make improvement daily. The client gets to dictate the pace of their evolution and subsequent resolution of challenges and creation of positive outcomes. People are taught to rely on their own perceptions and develop optimal models of factual understanding so they can have legitimate autonomy and optmal decision and choice making models.


Does it work for everbody?

Everybody is different but I have intentionally studied many areas of science to make sure "no stone is left unturned". Everybody could benefit from both neurological and/or metabolic optimization. The free consult is the opportunity for the client to make a educated decision as to what benefits they can expect before making a commitment. 


How is this different from hypnosis, psychotherapy and what other NLP practitioners do?

Though I originally trained many years ago as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I am not the "run of the mill" NLP practitioner, therapist or life coach who seldom has much scientific training and experience in neuroscience and biochemistry and who treats the brain and mind like a "black box". I am both a research scientist and science based practitioner who has expertise and experience in many areas of complex science mastery including chemistry, mathematics, engineering, organizational dynamics and computational logic systems. Therefore, I can better assess and understand the strengths and limitations of any science including NLP and do not have to accept mystified assumptions as plausible reality. I use NLP based techniques as a basis for the techniques I have developed but I have reduced the dependency on techniques and reliance on constant practitioner intervention and have created integrated techniques that that anyone can learn and apply on their own. In addition, everything I do has gone through a rigorous evaluation and development process using mathematics, logic, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology and ontology as the determining methodologies of efficacy not just vague historical assumptions and anecdotal associations. 


Do I get to decide what the outcomes will be?

The determination of what each client will focus on will be determined by many factors including both negative challenges they need to resolve and positive opportunities they want to create for themselves. I educate each client as to how each goal they have is related to some form of operative capacity and functionality that must be restored in order to fulfill those aspirations. I work with each client to determine a timeline of steps to be taken to that end and develop an axiomatic and progressive strategy for implementation in their own lives which is manageable. Nobody heals in a void. Everybody has some form of extenuating life circumstance that could present challenges that must be considered. Seldom does the mind, body and spirit heal the exact way people want it to. I educate my clients as to what that hierarchy will be so they can work with it effectively. 

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