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Summer Seasonable Affective Disorder

And is if you don't have enough things to worry about in life. Summer used to be the universal panacea for all that ails humanity…up until now. The body, mind and spirit are a very complex bioecology that exists on many planes of functional distinctiveness including gravitonic, electrodynamic, chemical, thermodynamic and mechanical. As a neuroscientist and biochemist I can tell people that the myopic focus of most neurochemical modulation approaches which centers on neurotransmitter functionality is misguided and incomplete. The total neurological functional picture is much more complex than a deficiency or excess of certain neurotransmitters like serotonin. Neurotransmitter functionality and utilization by neurons and brain cortexes is much more diverse and complex than this approach of just regulating neurotransmitters whether it is from drugs or light boxes can effectively handle. There are complex regulation mechanisms in neurons that work in real time to constantly adjust levels of neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, cell messengers, hormones, pheromones, nutrients, intermediate metabolites and electrophoretic potential in and out of cells and neurons which are more bioactive and sensitive than other specialized cells in the body. What liver cells can handle in terms of negative biological load or environmental stimuli, the brain cells cannot. The brain has specialized protection systems which are now breaking down. If anybody is paying attention, as I predicted thirty years ago, that we would see new, diverse, complex and intractable neurological conditions in the human race as the intrusion of chemicals from the environment that are neurotoxic build up in the general population over time. The people initially exposed are being affected on a metabolic level but then they have children and its starts becoming genetic or epigenetic.

We provide things like nutrients to the body but the regulation systems that control these nutrient based metabolic pathways are being deranged at a rate never seen before. There can be up to a 20% loss per decade of energy efficiency up from 2-4% just 4 decades ago. This is an example of a breakdown in energy related neural regulation capacity that is affecting the brain function because the brain is metabolic organ too. When these regulation systems are thrown off by deficiencies and excesses of these bioactive componentry inside or outside the cells, then all sorts of anomalies of normal functionality can happen. This problem is more than about sunlight, it is about complex photoelectric functional transformation. This is a sign of photosensitivity on both levels of extremes. All depressed people are anxious too. There is no phenomena that is experienced in life which is not polar in nature. There are many things that people can do to rebalance neuroreceptor functionality back to a state where it can handle energy transfer once again and keep it with normal ranges of functionality. The neurotransmitter approach has helped but it has never cured these problems. There are problems occurring with neuroreceptor functionality and once these chemicals get into the brain neurons how they are handled by the neurons including specifically vesicle functionality can cause many problems which can affect psychometric, sensiometric and tensiometric function. What is often behind these challenges are basic metabolic imbalances in the brain and neurons including thiamine based promoter gene functionality, neuronal motor protein functionality and glial cell energy provision challenges. People need to rule out other forms of systemic neurological challenges like pathogens such as herpes, epstein-barr, cytomegalovirus, and Lyme's disease which not only can affect localized nerve areas but also brain function. These viruses especially can alter neurological function in the brain chemically and thermodynamically to suit their energetic and thermodynamic needs which includes reducing immunological functionality and responsiveness by altering the nutrient pool functionality of the liver and changing core energy feedback and modulation algorithm loops in the brain. This is like "global climate change"'…all forms of weather phenomena become more extreme.

Severe nutritional deficiencies coupled with environmental toxicity are now deranging functionality of core metabolic states in the body including genetic transcription and expression. Most people think that genetics are just something that determine your hair color or overall growth rate when in fact especially in the brain, genetic transcription and modulation is taking place all of the time and uses up a great deal of energy and biological resources. The DNA in the nucleus in constantly working with messenger RNA to control metabolic function in the cells. Chemicals that can interfere with that like certain biological toxins and pesticides can wreak havoc with normal DNA to RNA transcription therefore creating numerous problems for cell function and maintenance. In extreme cases the loss of energy production in the mitochondria can initiate apoptotic processes in the cell that cause premature cell death because energy analog provision to the cells is being severely interfered with. This would be like discarding your car when you get low on gas. Nobody is going to solve these "core energy functionality" issues using a myopic neuroscience approach. This is why I do both because I realized this was true. These like many other syndromatic conditions, these symptoms are signs of not just localized cellular dysfunction but systemic kinds. Every person with these photosensitive challenges, whatever the complex etiological derivation of their challenges, should be on a comprehensive nutraceutical supplementation program and diet that emphasizes the intake of B vitamins (coenzyme form), essential fatty acids, and calcium, magnesium and zinc minimally to start restoring normal genetics in the brain, induce energy and anabolic function in the brain especially the mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and golgi complex and repair cell wall boundaries in neurons and the blood brain barrier. The brain is getting biologically and energetically "hacked" and without neurological support on the biological level it has no defense.

And loss of sleep will further exacerbate matters since that means then people no longer are performing normal glialymphatic functionality in the brain that only happens during sleep night since the brain does not have a dedicated lymphatic systemic and uses a novel system of using the glial cells which provide energy to neurons as a transport route. This means the lymphatic system is not clearing out metabolic toxins and damaged proteins like beta amyloids, Tau proteins and DAMP proteins (Damage Associated Molecular Pattern Proteins) which can cause plaquing of neurons which is associated with Alzheimer's disease and many other neurodisruptive and destructive disorders. Sugar and alcohol intake needs to be curtailed or moderated because this can throw off normal GAG conjugation meaning that the connective tissue of the body including neuron walls and white matter can be being replaced by inferior structural biomass components like tendrils, fibrils and vesicles which make up the infrastructure of the brain. People also need to get cortisone levels checked because that is implicated in numerous hyper vigilance sympathetic dominance disorder of the brain. SPECT scans of the brain can uncover morphological anomalies of the brain that can indicate metabolic and structural challenges that can affect normal circadian cycling. Many over the counter and prescription drugs can contribute to these problems and liver chemistry testing can uncover problems with xenobiotic catabolism issues and hormone regulation problems. People need to see these neurological imbalances as not just some isolated neurological phenomena but as a challenge which could indicate more insidious challenges in the body and brain. If changes in photoelectric exposure is throwing off brain function that means there is a lot more than what is going on than doctors and most neuroscientists are aware of. Most neuroscientists are not necessarily biochemists and most biochemists are not necessarily neuroscientists. The conversation about neuroscience can no longer be limited to merely what is going on the neuronal level because the brain is not a closed system and can be even more effected by negative biological influences than the rest of the body which is not as electrodynamically and biochemically sensitive.

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