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The Inspiration Conspiracy

Well I guess it might not be a conspiracy in the intentional malevolent sense but it definitely is a delusion. We have many forms of self illusion and delusion in our society which has prevented people from actually achieving real legitimate autonomy and functionality in life which is critical to wellbeing on every level. Every destructive "codependency" that everyone talks about nowadays from chemical to process addictions is a symptom of a failure to achieve sustainable positive self agency functionality. Every distortion of actuation (ataxia-decision, action) started with some form of observation/misrepresentation (dyslexia-identity, belief, or value) distortion. We did not form the right assumptions about phenomenological cause when it occurred. Life experiences are complex subjective in nature. They cannot be absolutely understood on every level of visceral, logical and logistical attribute. People have coinciding event horizons with multiplicative emotions which can cause great distortion in terms of what happened and what to do about it. Eventually unresolved, the cumulative effect of negative traumatic complex experiences can cause all sorts of forms of derangement of psychosomatic experience. If at the time of the negative experience we did not have a way to break down large negative subjective experiences (like rape, terrorist attack etc) into smaller negative objective timelines which will help us better understand what happened and what role we played in it, then we can never come up algorithms and strategies to prevent or lessen the negative impact of those kinds of experiences in the future. Without a inclusive sufficient strategy for large subjective to comprehensive smaller objective reduction, we then have to exist on a body, mind and spirit level with that experience unresolved often causing psychosomatic conflict and limited functionality like complete avoidance of any element of the experience since people do not know what specific elements in the experiences were causative or relevant to the outcome. A very common phenomena people experience is that they lose some form of functionality such as psychometric, biometric, sensiometric and tensiometric capacity because of one aspect of that they cannot handle. So they develop severe musculoskeletal challenges to avoid experiences where movement was a major element of the negative association.

What happens when people lack the metaphorical experience and mechanistic knowledge base to do sufficiently inclusive reductionism, is that they are left with incorrect assumptions about the experience which actually create more problems for them. This is the cause of all paranoid and superstitious behavior…which we now call OCD. When a complex arbitrary traumatic event has been associated with a common experience, people can lose vast levels of functionality including sanity. People try to find instructive paradigms of thought to either lessen their ontological angst or try to completely mollify it. People turn to cults, religions and mindsets that guarantee immediate and complete ontological angst resolution. Every one of these sociosentient constructs uses the same semantic narrative to justify and exemplify the functionality of their approach…I call it the Inspiration Conspiracy. Promising ever lasting life if you follow the doctrines of the religion, purporting unconditional and inseparable connectivity between all living beings or telling people that they need to only master one aspect of specific positive objective constructionism like becoming filthy rich from real estate investing. So much regret in life and operable loss is caused by believing in these highly dubious constructs of inspiration. I am not saying all inspiration narratives are bad. We just need to understand their semantic derivation and intention which includes who is saying it for what reason and what are they asserting as the benefit of the belief they are touting people to invest in.

All to often it is unscrupulous people taking advantage of people's naivete, despair, vulnerability, or adversity.

From a neuroscience perspective, inspiration, or a narrative that advocates the preposition of positive belief in some higher positive subjective state or benevolence, only gets you the first dose of dopamine in the brain that gives you a sense of what you thought was impossible before, like overcoming hopeless or chronic adversity, to feel more possible. Our perception of possibility or positive expectancy is a step by step process from a sentient orientation from impossibility to possibility to plausibility to certainty. Confidence in life comes from a sense we can make this transition in any operative challenge in life. This is called temperament centrism from cynicism to optimism. But inspirational narratives are usually non-instructive on a strategic level. Just telling somebody to believe in a higher source of benevolence deity does not provide them any way to functionally relate to that construction pragmatically. This is why so many fervent religious people are absolutely fixated on constant inspiration infusion because they simply know nothing more than to pray, assert relevance and must constantly be making up for the catabolized lower levels of dopamine. And the new age movement is just as guilty of purporting non instructive "inspirational" narratives. Many new age celebrities have made millions of dollars passing inspiration/temporary low dopamine effects as instructive/sustainable higher dopamine effects on people. But people are a combination of desperate and not knowing better. Inspiration is what you need to get started, but then people need proactive resolution strategies to achieve completion of a positive imperative or resolution of a negative challenge. Inspiration without any instruction of practical merit, is just semantic mimicry of low positive potential realization value while actual instruction is semantic modeling of high information value in this regard. It is strategic resolution empty calories I went to a university to study many areas of mathematics and chemistry. Was I inspired by those in my field who accomplished great things who came before me? Yes. But no amount of Einstein posters with pithy quotes was going to get me through the arduous biochemistry learning process. I needed good teachers who can instruct me on very specific objective levels. Without an instructive methodology to go from large negative subjective construction to smaller negative objective to small positive objective to large positive subjective we will never solve any of our problems in life sufficiently and expediently enough…meaning we will not fulfill our positive potential no matter who from the Dalai Lama to Anthony Robbins tells you that you can.

People need to be more semantically discerning…aka learn what is being said and not said. And ask what is this person trying teach me on a greater metaphorical level and what mechanistic process mastery that makes sense and has worked consistently in the past for the kind of challenges I have are they proposing? That is how inspiration and instruction can form a very useful and positive creative manifestation process. that engenders real joy, pride and confidence in who you are being and what you are doing.

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